Ring floodlight is not weather proof.

Just spoke to a very nice customer support person about my ring floodlight. While he confirmed that the floodlight is weatherproof I found that my ring floodlight dome where the light flashes is filled with water. Unfortunately it’s is out of warranty and I have to buy a brand new one. He did offer a 30% discount which was very kind of him. But if it’s not gonna be weatherproof, what’s the point? Now I’m out a camera and $200+ down the drain. I should have went with a better product. Definitely will not get ring products again.

Hi @ekianela! All Ring devices that are designed and intended for outdoor use will be weather resistant. That being said, weather resistance will help against common outdoor conditions but not extreme ones. We recommend avoiding areas that might see an extreme amount of water or wind, or any other extreme weather events.

As the Floodlight Cam is mounted to a junction box, It’s also important to ensure that mounting is flush and sealed to avoid any water or debris from getting inside the Cam. If you are still wanting to use the same mounting location for your next Cam, I’ve seen neighbors use a DIY or rain guard type of cover/ visor to go over the Cam and block from direct elements. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: