Ring Floodlight Cams & New Samsung A32 5G Phone Unable to access Live View via Mobile Data

Hi All! Me & My wife switched to new phone, mine is Samsung A32 5G & wife is iphone 12. iphone can access the Live View almost immediately, but my A32 just can’t load (It works on WIFI, but not Mobile Data). I switched back to my old phone, Live View is working. I saw a lot of people have the same issue but no solutions provided by Samsung or Ring. I really need to made this work because of safety and security reasons. Can anyone help?

This is frustrating, because I have a elderly at home.

Hi there, @MKam! With this happening on an android device, please ensure there are not any android apps installed that conflict with the Ring app. As the live view works with wifi connection and not cellular data, please check with your mobile carrier or service provider to ensure your cellular data is able to stream video. I hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring, Thank you for you help! I already called my carrier, they said that I am because it works on my old cell phone. Do you know like what android apps that can conflict with the Ring app??? It’s a new phone, Please help!

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Of course, @MKam! :slight_smile: Good to hear this will work on your cellular data. Ensuring no vpn is enabled on the mobile device is always a good step too. As for the android apps, clicking the link in the above reply will bring you to this article:

Android Apps that Conflict with the Ring App

Ring is aware of a number of virus protection apps, file optimizers, ringtone apps, and battery saver apps available for Android Phones that may interfere with the Ring app’s ability to provide notifications. The following list is those apps we have confirmed cause issues. Ring recommends uninstalling the following apps if you’re having issues with Ring app notifications:

  • 360 Security

  • 360 Battery Plus

  • AdGuard

  • All-In-One Toolbox

  • Avast Clean-up and Boost

  • AVG AntiVirus

  • Booster Kit

  • Clean Master

  • CM Security

  • DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner

  • Droid Optimizer

  • DU Battery Saver

  • ES File Explorer File Manager

  • Fast Cleaner

  • Free Shield

  • Lookout

  • McAfee Mobile Booster

  • Network Master

  • Power Clean

  • Purify

  • Samsung Max

  • Security & Privacy

  • Storage Analyzer

  • Super Cleaner

  • Super Fast Charger

  • Supo Optimizer

  • Zedge