Ring Floodlight Camera

Bought a Ring Floodlight Camera the other day. Just got around to installing it today. It powers on and says entering setup mode. The app can not find it however. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Tried a different device. Did the 20+ second button holding hard reset. I have turned the breaker off for 5 minutes, etc. Still the device will not setup up. The app still can not find it, nor does the Ring named wifi appear on any device to setup the other way. Does anyone have any guidance?

Hi @drirun. What Kind of phone are you using? I would make sure that your location services on the phone are enabled and have permissions allowed for the Ring app. You’ll also want to make sure that your wifi assist/smart network switch is also turned off for setup. Lastly, make sure your bluetooth is off as well as any wireless printers, as this could be causing interference. Once you’ve checked those, try connecting again. I hope this helps!

I tried it with a Note 20 Ultra, Note 8 and iPhone 11. Location services are on and it identifies my location when attempting to add the device. I have disabled wifi assist/smart network switch (Called Adaptive Wi-Fi on the Note 20). Attempted with Bluetooth off as well. I also left the breaker off for several hours before attempting everything again with no change. I removed the light from the mount to ensure there wasn’t some unknown wiring issue. All appeared fine. The device powers on and the flood lights come on briefly before it mentions being in setup mode. But alas there is no connection still.

I saw mention about the Rapid Ring app. I decided to check this out for the working doorbell camera. After installing I went back to the Ring app, at which point the Floodlight Camera was recognized. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if installing the Rapid Ring app added or replaced a damaged package. But it is working as intended.

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