Ring Floodlight Camera - installed but gap between wall and floodlight

Hi - Looking for some help or guidance if anyone’s experienced this issue. I just installed my Floodlight Cam Wired Plus and there’s a gap between the back of the floodlight and the exterior wall/siding. See attached pic (hopefully the pic shows). Instructions state to use caulk to fill/seal the gap, but I have a pretty sizeable gap where I don’t think the caulk will work.

I’m concerned water will leak into the back and cause damage. Any suggestions/thoughts on a solution here?

Hi @tleeinteg. The suggested method of using caulk to seal this up should work. Squeeze a bead of caulk in there, then smooth it out with your gloved finger. Repeat this process until the gap is sealed. You can also use some spray insulation to close the gap, then seal with your caulk. Best of luck, neighbor.