Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus - Lights don't respond to motion

We have two Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus at our home and one works perfectly.

The issue with the other one is that the lights won’t turn on with motion - but they do work if I manually use the app to switch them on (or off). I’ve toggled the motion activated lights switch (many times), tried restarting the cam (a few times), cut the power to it for 1 minute, recreated a motion zone and on and on.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Hi @drew1982. There are separate motion zones for the lights alongside the customizable motion zones for the camera itself. Under Device Settings > Light Settings, you will see a Motion Zones for Lights tab. Select this and make sure you do not have the motion zones toggled off for the lights, and that the sensitivity is to your liking.