Ring Floodlight Cam Plus turns the manual light on itself

This is so strange. On the floodlight APP settings is an option to turn the light on manually. My floodlight cam is turning that feature on by itself. I even watched the slider move the other day to the on position. I turn it off, a minute later the light is back on. I have three of these floodlight cams and the other two are fine. Any ideas?

Hey @Sufferingbearsfan. The Floodlight Cam does have a PIR sensor on the device that when it detected motion within that sensor’s range, the lights will turn on from said motion. Although, this sensors range is different than the camera’s sensor for turning on and recording for motion, so you may be running into something setting off the PIR sensor but not the camera. I recommend checking out our Help Center article here to understand more about this. In all, it seems like something in your Floodlight Cam’s range is detecting motion for the lights (sometimes a variable heat source like HVACs), thus constantly turning on the lights, and giving you the option to disable it in the app. Let me know if this helps!

Its not motion. The button in the APP that turns on the light is always on. I turn it off, and it turns itself back on. Day and night. Something is wrong with the APP. I am asking for a fix, maybe a reset?

@Sufferingbearsfan Thank you for clarifying! Since the app is not reporting it correctly, I recommend going into the Device Health section for the Floodlight Cam Plus to go through the steps to reconnect your device. This should re-establish the connection your Floodlight Cam has to the app, therefore allowing it to correctly report the status of your lights.

I’ll call tomorrow.

I logged in with my PC and I see the same thing. I turn the light off from the PC, but the software turns it back on. I deleted and re-added the APP, no change

I am doing a power cycle now, next is to reset the device and then I am out of ideas

Chelsea: I figured it out, the right floodlight was pointed in toward the sensor and for some reason that was confusing the device.

Once I re-positioned the floodlights the problem stopped

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