Ring Floodlight Battery stuck in forever calibration

Tried to set up my new Ring Floodlight Wired today. Goes through the process twice, Stating needs a firmware update, which fails both times, then asks me to “try recovery” and just sits in recalibration mode forever. Anyone have a similar problem??

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing troubles with setting up your Floodlight Battery @SonofLiberty82 . Is there another device you can attempt the setup process on, such as another phone or tablet? This, along with power cycling the Floodlight by removing and resetting the batteries, might help for a successful setup.

Hi @SonofLiberty82 ! Just wanted to follow up on this and see if you’re still experiencing this. Have you tried to perform a setup again? Also, could you please let us know what phone and app version you are using? Just to clarify, this is the Floodlight Wired? Thanks!