Ring flood light design

So last night I had criminal activity at my house and unfortunately damage to one of my cars. Now the cameras done a great job as the guy was arrested. But I must ask ring this. Why is it that the flood light cameras are so easy to be removed from the wall bracket with very little effort? And why is there not something installed so if this does happen the siren goes of automatically? This would have prevented him breaking two of my flood light cameras that are not cheap. This are great products but I think ring need to update the security on the actual cameras themselves. Now I have two damaged cameras, do ring help or send out new products?

Sorry to hear about this happening, @JackBayliss! We’re glad to hear the Cameras worked when needed, and not to worry about the attempted theft, or vandalism, of your Camera as we have a theft policy for this. Check out our help center article which includes all the steps necessary to replace your Ring device.

In regards to Camera mounting security, all of our devices will feature a security screw that will prevent easily dismounting. While there is not an automatically triggered siren for attempted theft, or vandalism, of the Camera, it would make for an excellent feature request. I hope this helped! :slight_smile: