Ring Extender


I am having trouble with my recently purchased ring stick up cam battery (3rd Gen) product. The trouble is, I have an eero pro 6 wifi tri band mesh router, and the stick-up cam is getting a low wifi connection. It either connects to a eero wifi router on the middle floor and sometimes the top floor, rather than the basement level eero router (which is the main eero hub with the modem wired connection) which is closest to the stickup cam located outside on the basement level. I do have a metal basement door which probably makes the connection between the stick-up cam and eero pro 6 main hub router difficult, which is why it connects to the other routers. I purchased the v2 ring extender to help this issue by putting the extender near the stick-up cam, but the connection is still weak. I tried moving the extender to the middle level to improve the connection between stick-up cam and the middle or upper floor eero routers, but the connection still seems to be weak.

When I view the ring app, the extender shows as active(online), however when I view the eero app, I only see one Ring Hub connection for the Ring Alarm system(connected to closest middle floor eero), and I additionally see a separate ring stick-up cam connection(again, connected to middle or upper floor eero routers).

So my questions are-

  1. Is the ring extender supposed to show up as a separate device connected to a router, or does it typically continue to show as the ring stick- up cam?
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations to improve my set-up?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the confusing description!

Hi @rdelpri222. A few things to note here. The Range Extender for the Ring Alarm system is a Z-Wave extender and will not work for wifi devices. The only component to the Ring Alarm that connects to wifi is the Base Station, everything else connects via Z-Wave.

For your Stick-Up Cam, try connecting it to a dedicated 2.4 GHz network. This should help improve the RSSI of the cam. Let me know if this helps!