Ring Elite Cam - so many problems

So overall I’ve enjoyed Ring products over the past year at two homes however the Ring Elite cams have been a disaster. I ordered four and three failed, with two different problems. Two could never turn on their infrared lights (no red lights on the front when dark). After hours of painful calls they were replaced. A third just stopped working, failed to reset, and was just replaced two weeks ago (after a short 6 months of use). However, the replacment also does not have infrared working so this moring they issued a replacement for the replacement.

So 3 failed cams out of 7…horrible QA/QC either on the hardware or software. Ring, you need to step up your quality of you are going to keep customers. I’ve switched from whole hardly recommending Ring to complaining about the hours wasted with customer service, only to get “Sorry” and yet another mailed replacement.