Ring Edge Notifications And App Management Annoyances

I cannot believe how annoying Ring has made notifications for the Edge local recordings.

Some background:
I purposely purchased a compatible 512 gb SD card and encrypted the local video storage. So far, the system is working and recording as it should. Why we cannot have the recorded footage automatically offloaded to the cloud is beyond me. If it is a matter of encryption, I will be happy to remove the encryption so that this feature is accessible. Regardless, I have comfortably recorded over two weeks’ worth of footage. Now that my SD card is maxed out, I receive several alerts every hour or so telling me that my storage is full and that the older video files will be overwritten. THAT IS FINE! Why do you have to notify me every hour?! It throws me off and makes me dismiss my other IMPORTANT Ring notifications, like motions and disarms to the system.

Notifications to Ring Edge needs adjustments:
Clearly, the users need more control over managing the notifications for Ring Edge. Whether it be adjusting the frequency of storage full notifications or stopping them altogether, this is something simple and must be implemented soon.

Ring Edge management needs adjustments:
I tried to delete old footage stored on the local SD card myself but I have to first scroll to the very bottom of my list to reach the oldest saved local recording. Then I have to check each individual recording to select for deletion. If I do not accidentally dismiss the mass list I just spend the past 10 minutes checking off, then I can finally delete the recordings. While the delete all function is helpful, I MAY NOT WANT TO DELETE RECORDINGS WITHIN THE PAST 7 days for a lot of reasons! This portion of the Ring app ALSO needs to be updated. Either allow us to use the drag and select feature already implemented in the iOS software or have options to select an entire day’s worth of recording at once.

I am so disappointed in Ring and the new products that they are now pushing out. The best solution would be to automatically offload the recordings into the cloud so that we can actually utilize the cloud storage that we pay for through Ring! The new Basestation Pro with Ring Edge contains only half-baked features that this community has been asking for and I am at my tipping point. Unless changes are implemented soon, I will start to migrate my entire ecosystem away from Ring and begin purchasing cameras and security packages through other brands.

I’ll add to my Ring Edge frustration. I just activated Ring Edge on my Alarm Pro using a Samsung Evo 512 GB card on my Ring Doorbell Pro and Spotlight. However unfortunately now camera won’t display video even in live view (yes they are compatible, no edge-2-edge encryption, and have Pro plan) . I have other cameras like some Floodlight Plus’ which aren’t compatible with Ring Pro (go figure) and they work just fine. Switching doorbell and spotlight off of Ring Edge allows the video to show correctly. I thought the ideal of local storage sounded great so I opted to go with this instead of the normal base station, but now I’m not sure I made the right decision.

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