Ring drill bit not working on our brick house - HELP?!

After 3+ minutes of drilling the first hole, it’s not drilling any deeper than the initial 1/8" or so! Wonder if there’s an issue with the drill bit Ring sent in my kit? Can I just go find a hardened 15/64" bit for drilling metal??? My supplied drill bit has a “6” on it and “15/64”…

Thoughts? Ring HELP??!


Hi @rvmorkie. Since you are drilling into brick, it’s definitely worth a shot to try to get a drill bit that fits your needs. That’s a great idea, so I recommend to give it a try! What I would say too, is take the one that we provided with you to your local hardware store, and show a member there what you have so they can find something that better suits your needs. Let me know how it goes!

Couple things on this subject. The drill bit supplied by Ring is a “weird” size; 15/64" is not a common concrete/masonery (sp?) bit. Ring probably did this to match the plastic anchor, I’m just saying most hardware stores, (Lowes, Home Depot, Harbor Freight) etc. don’t carry an assortment of these bits in n/64" sizes in the store. I found the bit that was included in the Ring kit was not cutting into our brick after about the first 1/8". I purchased a Bosch 7/32" Concrete Carbide drill bit. (as I had seen someone post on Youtube.com.) Part Number HCBG05T. It’s 1/64" smaller than the Ring suppled bit I recieved. The Bosch bit did pretty good but after the sencond hole was drilled it started losing its bite bad so I bought a second Bosch bit to finish the four holes. I then followed the drilling up with the Ring supplied bit so the plastic anchors would fit properly. I’ve got $12.80 invested in two Boscu drill bits for the brick.

Attached photo of Bosch bit on left, Ring bit on right…

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