Ring Doorbell2 Installation: Need help figuring out existing Chime type!


I would like to install my ring doorbell 2 in a way that it also work with my current chime. However, I am having trouble figuring out if my existing chime is mechanical or digital. It’s a Nutone A-5859. One of the tubes say “L32ND73D”. Not sure which one is the model number. I am unable to find either model in ring chime compatibility list.

Also, unable to find the model in Nutone’s website. Can someone take a look at the attached pics whether it’s a mechanical or digital chime. And if it will work with ring doorbell2? I don’t want to mess up my existing chime making a mistake regarding diode?

The white sticker on one tube says, this bell works with a provided 16v transformer only". Is it safe to say I should have 16v current here? However, when I checked the ring button at the door, multi meter reading is zero, same is the case at the door bell itself. What can I be doing wrong here.

Would appreciate any help on this?


I have the same Nutone A-5859 chimes. They are mechanical chimes. I replaced my front and side door doorbells with Ring video doorbell pros and had some issues. Everything worked ok during the day, but once it got dark the doorbells would keep disconnecting and my Nutone chimes would start randomly ringing. I checked the voltage at the chime connections and it read around 4V. I then checked the voltage at the doorbell transformer and it read just over 16V. I ended up bypassing the Nutone chimes per the attached image and everything works ok now. I think it’s safe to say that the Nutone A-5859 chimes are not compatible, at least they weren’t for me. I would suggest getting a voltage reading at your doorbell transformer. It can be tricky to locate depending on where it was installed. It took me quite a bit of looking to find mine. I had to pull the chimes off my wall and see which way the wires ran to get an idea of the location. If your transformer is not reading 16V (or a little higher) you may need to replace it.

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