Ring Doorbell2 Activating Device Delay Issues

I have been working on this issue for many, many months, without any resolve.

I have problems connecting periodically from my iPhone RIng App to my Ring Doorbell 2 device.

I have a Belkin N600DB router and have added a Belkin N600DB Extender, which is in close proximity to my Doorbell 2 device. I get RSSI readings of -48 or better always, via the Extender. I decided to use the extender since I was getting -70 RSSI when connecting my Doorbell 2 directly to my main router.

Further, I have created a 2.4Ghz “Guest” SSID on my router (with an extension to that on my router extender), that I’ve allocated exclusively to my Doorbell 2 and Chime devices.

Given the above, I still have regular periods where I cannot connect from my iPhone Ring app to my device (get a Cannot Stream error with an ask for retry when trying to Activate Device; I just get a spinning wheel with an ACTIVATING DEVICE message).

I have regular internet service of > 30Mb both upbound and downbound, so internet throughput is certainly not the issue. The problem manifests the worst after an overnight, where I can rarely connect at all. When I reboot by my modem and extender, the problems seems to dissipate much less, and then degrade as the day progresses. ALL OTHER DEVICES in my home (iPhones, laptops, etc.) NEVER have connectivity issues with either my main router or my extender, either before or after these router/extender reboots.

I use a different 2.4Ghz GUEST SSID (essentially a VLAN) for both my Ring Doorbell2 and my Ring Chime. Unfortunately, I cannot create a static IP for the Ring Doorbell 2 device in my DMZ, since doing that is prohibited by virtue of using my GUEST SSID. However, I have tried creating a static IP in the DMZ using my normal 2.4 Ghz SSID, and it does NOT solve my issue.

Why does my Ring App -> Ring Doorbell 2 connectivity have these problems, when none of my other devices on my network ever experience these delays/problems?

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Sorry to hear about this experience @doughayman! It sounds like you’ve done a great deal to cover the bases of networking. Excellent idea using a guest network, as this rules out many variables. The only thing I would add here is that you mentioned the extender being in close proximity to your Ring device. I recommend using trial and error to find optimal placement for the extender as the best signal will be obtained by placing this exactly halfway between the router and connecting device. Please also ensure there are not too many devices in the home using this same extender.

Beyond that, this may not be a network concern at all. If you have not already, please uninstall and reinstall the app on your mobile device. Disable any additional connections such as bluetooth, VPN, or Hotspot, and close any 3rd party apps that might be interfering. Once done, please test a live view from your mobile device trying it on both wifi only, and data only. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Marley. I decided to call Ring Support and try to get to a Level 2 person, but I spoke with a gentleman who told me that a new app has been released, “Rapid Ring App”, that is a slimmed down version of the Ring app that only does a Live View. Well, it works like a charm, and should be used in conjunction with the Ring App (for other regular functionality).