Ring doorbell with echo show 5

Hi, just been trying to set up my Ring doorbell with echo show 5. Got Alexa app and Ring app linked, all seems well. I can tell the Echo to show front door, and that works, mics work both sides so accounts all linked OK. But I cannot get any notifications for rings or motion. Comes through on my mobile OK. The settings all look to be correct, Motion Announcements and Doorbell Announcements enabled on Alexa account etc.
Quite likely I’m being a dummy and missed aomething, but struggling. Any ideas?

Hi @Sportaz68. Open the Alexa app, select the Doorbell and navigate to the settings menu. Under the Announcements tab, tap Announcement Devices and ensure that your Echo is selected. If it is, unselect, close the Alexa app, open it back up and select it again. Make sure that the volume is up on your Echo device and try the Doorbell button to see if you get an announcement. Let me know if this works!

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