Ring doorbell wired rings on my Echo devices but will only answer on one

I’ve recently installed a wired Ring doorbell. I use 3 echo dots as my chimes which works great but I can only communicate with the doorbell via one of my dots. The other 2 dots so there is no incoming call even though they chime perfectly all at the same time.

I have removed the ring skill and re-enabled it but I still have the same issue.

Has anyone got any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @user11406. To clarify, are you trying to use all 3 Echo Dots to communicate with your Ring Doorbell at the same time, or do 2 of them not allow you to communicate with your Ring Doorbell at all? If you say “Alexa, answer [Ring Doorbell Name]”, are you able to communicate through the Echo Dots and speak to visitors at the door?

Hi. I have 3 dots set up to chime when the doorbell is pressed. This works great. For some reason when I say to 2 of the dots to communicate with the doorbell I get the reply that there is no incoming call, but on one of my dots it communicates perfectly. All dots are setup exactly the same with communication enabled and do not disturb turned off. Can you help?

@user11406 You can find all of our information on helping your Ring devices work with Alexa in our Help Center Article here. You could also try removing one of the Echo Dots in the Alexa app and then going through the setup process again, allowing you to set it back up with your Ring Doorbell as well. If this concern persists, you can also visit the Amazon Alexa Help Center for additional resources and support.