Ring doorbell will not stay connected to my wifi for more than a few days.

Getting very fed up with my ring doorbell not staying connected to my wifi. It will connect with great difficulty and then go offline a few days later. The modem is located very close to the door so the placement is not the problem. In the beginning it was good when we got it in late November. The past 5 or so months it won’t stay connected. Is there still a warranty or is this just garbage? Can anybody suggest anything. No online chat and I don’t have hours to try to get through on the phone. Thanks

Hi @Lbmillertime. We do have a one year warranty on all of our Ring Devices. I would try to reset the device and then reconnect it to wifi. This will force the Doorbell to do an update and usually corrects most issues. To do a reset, press and hold the setup button on the Doorbell for 20 seconds, then release. After about a minute, the device will reboot and be ready to reconnect to wifi. After it is connected is should be back to normal operation.

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