Ring Doorbell v4 misses motion v2 would pick up

I’ve put the version 4 of the ring doorbell in the same housing as the v2. Same settings, maximum sensitivity.* Snapshots (between video stills that are in the timeline) show huge trucks and stuff suddenly appearing and disappearing without any motion-triggered video. The v2 doorbell would never have this; it would always detect motion and start filming, albeit without the preroll. I doubt that all the dogs died when I installed the ring doorbell 4. (Dog walkers walking by no longer trigger motion video recording.)

Question: is there a hack I can do to make it more sensitive? Perhaps plugging in an ac transformer so it thinks it has more power?

Question: do I have a bad unit? Or do others have the same issues? Is there any adjustable potentiometer I could adjust to get more alerts?

*To get maximum triggers you set as follow:
smart alerts=off, advanced motion detection=off, motion sensitivity=max (slider to right-most position), motion freq=frequently, snapshot capture=every 5 mins (requires connecting to ac when setting only), vid recording=120 seconds.

Hi there, @jasontaylor7! Although you are replacing a similar device, when upgrading to the latest Video Doorbell model there will likely still be some adjustments to make for fine tuning motion detection. As shown in our Video Doorbell Comparison guide, there are some slight differences in the Video Doorbell 4 advanced motion detection features. Luckily, the field of view for motion capture is the same, so adjusting settings should be the only change needed.

Here’s our help center article about advanced motion detection for more tips on changing settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Marley, your answer was 100% fluff and bogus. It says nothing at all. Literally, it gives a url for all products, and the url fails to address any differences. It mostly obfuscates the failure of your product that I reported. It is an anti-answer, since it implies I failed to set the sensitivity to the max even though my post shows the opposite. If you need to post to defend your products, please don’t do it by de-railing the thread. Thanks.