Ring Doorbell Turns off my Wifi

I’m having an issue I can’t seem to find on any of the FAQs or forums. I have a netgear EX7000 wireless access point. Whenever the ring doorbell is triggered, I will get an alert on my android phone (so far so good) but then a few seconds later the netgear AP will go offline and all of the wifi devices in my house will be disconnected from wifi. I can see the lights on the AP go from green to amber when this happens. I have plenty of throughput on my wifi and Internet bandwidth. We have a 200Mb fiber connection that tests between 100-200Mbps upload and download on wired devices and typically in the 76Mb/92Mb range on wifi devices. So our wifi is really solid and never had issues with other devices knocking it offline. We can stream 4K movies over wifi no problem. Never have had an issue with the netgear AP going offline like this before. I have gone into the AP and changed the channel twice which didn’t fix the issue. It seems isolated to the ring doorbell. Again, the doorbell is triggered and then a few seconds later the AP lights will go from green to amber and all wifi connected devices (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz) will be knocked offline. Help!

Hi @americannight. Have you tried reaching out to your ISP about this concern? Normally when your whole network system goes offline and kicks other devices off, they will have logs of this and may be able to dissect why it happens. If you reach out to them, and you’re able to duplicate it while you are on the phone with them as well, this may help them dissect why the network seems to not be able to hang the Doorbell. Additionally, you may need to adjust certain ports and protocols on your network to allow the Doorbell to stay connected, which you can read about in our Help Center Article here. Let me know how this goes!