Ring Doorbell, the original version, streaming error.

Added another Ring Doorbell. Health status says signal strength is good (RSSI -29) but when I try Live View it hangs, then says “Streaming error”. NOTE: I just found out today that if I get a motion detection alert I can see the video, but if I try to initiate a standard live view it fails.

Sorry to hear about this experience @jkhringid ! I recommend first uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app to ensure it is up to date, and integrating with your mobile device optimally. The RSSI you’ve shared is an indicator of excellent signal strength, however, it does not reflect speeds and other variables. For streaming concerns, its always good to check speeds and network performance. Feel free to update us with the results :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. Here is some add’l info: The healthcheck for the device said network was good. The app in question works with 3 other Ring devices, on multiple mobile phones/tablets. I did uninstall/reinstall on one tablet, same issue. I did notice that if the cam generated an alert for motion SOMETIMES I could connect. I also noticed the cam was making clicking noises (as they usually do) when the lens is active. The disconcerting thing is that when I WAS connected after an alert, I was booted out. I could hear the lens clicking again, as if the cam was active but I was unable to connect. I’ve decided to just scrap that ‘new in box’ device and go with a different cam. Thanks again.