ring doorbell taking a while to be able to view the footage

When I get a motion alarm on my doorbell & try to view it it takes about 30 secs to be able to view anything. This seems like a problem to me. If there is motion at my front door I want to to be able to view it quickly. Is this the norm?

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This seems to be happening every day and not in the evening. Does Ring have sufficient capacity to handle the volume they are getting on their network?

Hi @Kmill! Our Rapid Ring app is designed for quick access to live videos and might be a great solution for your concern. Video connection speed and quality depend greatly on network and app connection. For an optimal experience, the wifi signal strength should not show signs of interference of distance concerns. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on improving the signal.

Other than wifi, the app and mobile device connection is just as important. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app, as well as testing your mobile device on wifi only, and on cell data only, to see if it improves your connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. By the time I finally see the front door, the person who was there delivering a package is already gone.

These devices aren’t very useful without one of the paid subscription plans that save the videos. Impossible to view the door in real time (phone notification is a little slow, you have to unlock phone and launch app; and few more seconds waiting for live feed).

Thank you, I’ll check it all out & hopefully one of your suggestions helps

Same with mine, doesn’t open any connection, doesn’t charge battery with hard wire connection, absolutely useless, what a waste of money.

I tried this and it speeds things up. I would still like a faster response. A delay between the motion sensor alert and video capture and when you see it live. Throw some more AWS capacity at it. My local speed it blazing must be a cloud issue.