Ring Doorbell started sending all motion events with People Only Mode On

We have a Ring Doorbell that has been installed for a couple of years now. When the People Only setting came out, it was working with our doorbell and only sent notifications when people were detected. Two days ago, I have started receiving notifications for every motion event now, not just when a person is detected. I have gone in and retoggled the setting, but I am still receiving all motion alerts now. Was there a recent update that is causing the function to not work?

@yellowbgt I have the doorview camera and I am getting the exact behaviour you are experience which started in the early mornings of today. Can someone from Ring investigate if there is something wrong with the server please? Thanks

I wanted to update that there must have been something that Ring corrected, because the People only filter began working again yesterday evening.

It got worse for me when they “fixed it” last night - now I get random motion instead of people at all. It’s not even all motion like it was yesterday; now it’s just occasional, but still no people. I even went out and changed the battery on it; no alert I was out there at all.