ring doorbell solar not charging

We purchased the ring doorbell and the solar plate. It is not the higher version one with a removeable battery. The home is in southwest florida. Although it is on the north side of the house, it gets a lot of sun. Mostly indirect. The doorbell was installed 2 weeks ago and it has had a lot of traffic, but we had to remove it and bring it into the house and charge it. The solar plate does not seem to be keeping it charged.

What do I do?

There is no way on the north side to get full sun all day.


Hi @tboughner. In order for the solar panel to help charge your Doorbell, it needs 4 hours of direct sunlight. Since you mentioned that it’s indirect light, I would recommend possibly readjusting the solar panel so that it hits the direct sunlight if possible. Please also note that excessive traffic of motion events and dings for the Doorbell will normally decrease the battery life more than anticipated as well.