Ring Doorbell Server

Dear all,

my router does block all internet traffic for WiFi devices as default.

What IP addresses (URLs / Server Names) do I need to add to the whitelist to allow the Doorbell to communicate?


Hi @Achim. This Help Center Article here regarding the ports and protocols that need to be open for Ring devices may have the answer you’re looking for. Please note that having a router that blocks all wifi traffic by default may interfere with the ability to get your Doorbell connected and running properly. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring, the referenced article is only talking about ports. This does not solve my problem. Due to my kids protection I need the IP addresses , URLs or domain server names that are used by the doorbell. Can anybody help on this? Thanks a lot!

@Achim I checked with my team on this one and there’s a few different ways you may be able to get this resolved. You can create a guest network to connect the Doorbell to and obtain the IP address that way. Alternatively, since it’s not that Doorbell that choose the IP address, it’s the router, you can add an IP address to that white list that is not in use, then visit the DHCP reservation table to assign the whitelisted IP address to the Ring Doorbell’s MAC Address. I hope these suggestions are helpful. :slight_smile:

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Dear@Caitlyn_Ring, I think we have a misunderstanding - it is not about the IP that is assigned to the doorbell in my network. It is all about the IPs that doorbell need in the external internet. So which server is the doorbell contacting in order to function? Thanks, Achim

@Achim There is not a specific IP address that the Doorbell connects to, this would be assigned by your router. You might need to reach out to your internet service provider on this matter, but the setup process for the Doorbell does require you to connect it via wifi by entering the SSID and the network password for your home wifi network. If your current network configuration would not allow this, then you may need to make adjustments in order to get it set up, which your ISP can assist further with.

Dear @Caitlyn_Ring , sorry to come back to you again but we are still talking about two different items…the doorbell is well connected to my router over WiFi and has received an IP via DHCP. But I still need to know the server addresses outside my private network that the doorbell is connecting to on your side, e.g. for filing and saving the videos and replaying… I hope you can help me on this.

@Achim Did you ever get an answer here? i’m after the same info for a similar reason.