Ring Doorbell Recordings

Can anyone go back on there timeline up to 5 days i think and watch 24/7 recorded video?

I am able to go back to last thursday and watch video 24/7, even if there is no motion event or doorbell pressed. I thought the Ring didnt record 24/7 for any length of time. If i go back further than last thursday, all i see are motion and doorbell ring events.


Can someone check theirs fo rme please?

Can someone please log onto their ring app and go back on the timeline and see if they can watch video that isnt a motion or doorbell event? Try Sunday January 5th for example.


I’d actually like this feature: I can’t get a straight answer from Ring and hoping the Community can help.

I have a Ring Doorbell with minimized Motion Zones so I don’t get pinged everytime a car drives by; I also have the Basic Protect Plan. Unfortunately, last week there was a break-in next door and I’d like to go back to that point in time to see if my Ring caught any activity on the street. It did not register an event/alert because nothing happened within my motion zones (ie: my porch) thankfully.

Is there a way to “scrub” back to a point in time and view what the live view of that Doorbell Cam was even if an event wasn’t triggered? Seems like a security flaw if not (but understand there is significant battery concern if always capturing and storing live views).

I was able to go back several days and watch video recorded 24/7, even if there were no motion events. Example: right now, i can go back to last thursday and watch the sunrise and the neighbor take out his trash. Now since monday it stopped recording everything, only motion events.

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Very odd - does it just show up in your Activity History? How do you scrub back? Is it a shortcoming of my device model? Is anyone from Ring on here as Moderators to chime in?