Ring doorbell pro - working but showing offline on app

The live feed for my Ring doorbell camera stopped working on the Ring app installed in all devices on the local network and internet. The doorbell continued to record and send push notifications but live feed would not work.

My solution was to allow multicast on the network firewall.

I recently swapped my internet modem with an Xfinity Gateway that comes with the modem, router, and WIFI all-in-one for a $30 discount on my internet and no cost to lease or they were going to charge me to continue using my own modem. Using their device allows them to see all network activity allowing them to build way better ad targeting profiles than Facebook. Nothing is for free, we’re the product paying with our privacy.

I’m happy with the network equipment I have already, so the modem is the only function of the Xfinity Gateway that I’m using. I disabled the WIFI and Advanced Security (this is the service that allows them to capture your activity), set DNS to (Cloudflare), and enabled the firewall. The security settings on these things are essentially wide open unless you know to go in there and configure them. And here’s when Live feed stopped working although I didn’t know it then.

When you’re configuring the firewall, leave Block Multicast unchecked. I attached a screenshot for reference. Hopes this helps someone.

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