Ring Doorbell Pro - constantly switching between day/night mode


I have had the Doorbell Pro for 3 years and no issues until this last week.

As soon as my porch lights are off, I am noticing the Ring Pro switching between Day and Night mode from dusk to dawn. Watching the video, I am seeing the IR firing on and off every 15 seconds or so. Is anyone experiencing this issue?

Nothing has changed from a physical setup perspective. Was there a recent firmware update that may have tweaked the sensitivity of the IR sensor?


Hi @chewiej. That shouldn’t be happening. Do you have any porch lights or other bright sources of light in the Doorbell’s view? If so, this can cause some problems with the IR filter as the night vision only triggers when it is dark enough in the Doorbell’s view. If there are any bright sources of light in the Doorbell’s view, it could be throwing the IR filter off.