Ring Doorbell Pro chime

Hello, I’m trying to have my hardwired doorbell not chime at the mechanical doorbell inside the house… only on my phone but I can’t seem to get that working. I choose that option within the app but it just reverts back. If I cut off the power at the mechanical doorbell it obviously cuts power to the Ring. Any suggestions?

Hi @JoeN! The option in the app to choose chime type is more for compatibility, but it will not disable the mechanical chime kit as it is wired in and operated mechanically. That said, this can certainly be done.

The Pro Power Kit comes with a bypass option which will allow the same wires in your chime kit to be used to complete the circuit for flow of voltage, but would simply not ring the chime along with it. Check out our help center article for steps on how to bypass your chime kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

We are having the same issue. We have the pro and the mechanical chime keeps toggling back to on after saving and exiting doorbell set up.

we are rolling the steps in the help centre but haven’t seen a solution for this toggle not being saved.

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Hey @Kellyhaggstrom. Please make sure you have the most up to date app when trying to save this toggle, or even try removing the Ring app, rebooting your phone, and then reinstalling the app before trying to save the setting again. Also, you can try saving this from another device such as a tablet or another phone, to see if it saves. If it continues to fail to save, please attach a screen recording of this happening!

I’m also having this issue. I do have the most up to date version of the Ring app & have tried enabling it on multipe devices. Soon after I press the Save button, if I go back it’s deselected. The option is called “Ring my in-home doorbell” and mine is set to mechanical ring.

In device health the transformer voltage is good & wifi too.

I tried replacing my existing ringer with one from Rings compatability list, as I wasn’t able to figure out who made my ringer. Unfortunately, it didn’t make any difference. The new compatible ringer still isn’t ringing & it still looks like the Ring app moves the slider to the setting to not ring the mechanical chime. I’m very fustrated with this & will look to retire Ring very soon.

Hi @jlobello! When installing a compatible chime with your Ring Pro, please ensure to also use the Pro Power Kit that comes with the Ring Pro. As long as your transformer is outputting for 16 to 24 VAC and your chime kit is rated to support that power, this should be working. I recommend also ensuring the wiring used is standard gauge wire and not too thin. If this concern persists our support team will be happy to take a more in-depth look to get this resolved. :slight_smile:

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