Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Problems

Does anyone have a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 that works perfectly?

If so, did it take a lot of effort to get it to work properly?

If not, what problems are you still experiencing?

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Mine works very well with the exception of the very dim LED light around the button (other threads about this). That seems to be a known issue with the device and hoping for an update from Ring soon around it. I have seen some threads about audio issues but I haven’t seen these myself. I have mine set up running off a chime pro all connected to 2.4ghz Wi-Fi.

Based on my experience, I’m a bit surprised to hear that yours works well.

Unfortunately, mine has a number of problems.

Some of the most serious problems are related to motion sensitivity. As a result, it definitely does not provide the same level of security as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro that it replaced.


My doorbell pro 2 s mic is not working.

Its speaker works fine.

I have tried re setting and reinstalling.

I have tried privacy settings.

Should i return it…

I run mine with people only mode which I find works well. To be honest I am not bothered about the birds eye view stuff. I don’t have a large enough property for that to be of use. Have you got it mounted at the recommended height (about 4 feet)?

Umer -

I have the “Audio Streaming and Recording” setting turned off – so I don’t know if the microphone works.

I don’t hear any sound when playing video clips, however. For example, if I’m playing a video clip that contains a gardener using a loud leafblower, I won’t hear the leafblower.

bmak187 -

The “people only” mode would not work for me, due to my individual needs.

I don’t think the mounting height is presenting any problems.

  • I can’t connect to my 5ghz wifi network no matter what I try
  • I can’t assign a static IP, it always changes to DHCP
  • My audio disappeared, had to hard reset it to get it working again (this was 1 week ago)
  • The video skips half a second every 15 seconds or so, not sure why
  • Ring advertises this as 25fps video recording, VLC player shows this as only 20fps

If you own a RING DOORBELL PRO 2 and are HAPPY with MOTION DETECTION capabilities:

  • Are video clips consistently created for all activity in a 30 foot (or greater) radius in all directions?

  • Are video clips consistently created for all activity in a 30 foot (or greater) radius only if the activity is straight ahead of the doorbell?

  • If you own a Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Gen 1)… is the motion detection of your Ring Doorbell Pro 2 (Gen 2) as good as (or better than) the Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Gen 1)?

  • If you own other Ring (Gen 1) camera devices… is the motion detection of your Ring Doorbell Pro 2 (Gen 2) as good as (or better than) the (Gen 1) devices?

  • If a vehicle is driving toward your Ring Doorbell Pro 2 device… will a video clip be created?

  • If a vehicle is driving away from your Ring Doorbell Pro 2 device… will a video clip be created?

  • If a vehicle drives past your home (from left to right)… will a video clip be created?

  • If a vehicle drives past your home (from right to left)… will a video clip be created?

  • Do you use the new 3D type app features… or just the features that are available for (Gen 1) devices?

  • Does the Motion Zone feature in your app work well?

  • Can you easily create/configure 1, 2, or 3 motion zones?

  • Do you use only one motion zone – which covers the entire Motion Zone screen?

  • Is the Motion Sensitivity slider in your app set to “Max”?

  • What OS does your mobile device use (i.e., Android, IOS, iPadOS, Windows, etc.)?

  • Do you use the Ring website to view video clips?

I am happy with the motion detection on mine but as I mentioned I run it in people only mode which I fine works very well, as do the motions zone, again only looking for people. I do not use the 3D motion as for me this would be of no use (to honest unless you have a fairly large property its a bit of a gimmick) and in the UK the maps to make this work are very poor due to them being supplied by Mapbox who dont have good high res maps for a lot of the UK. However I understand you are looking to run it to detect all motion so will need to wait for someone to come along who can answer.

bemak187 -

Thanks for the information.

Regarding the Motion Zone feature:

  • Do you use only the default motion zone (rather than using 2 or 3 motion zones)?
  • Does the zone coverage shown on your screen seem to match with the area where motion is actually triggered?
  • Are you able to trigger motion (by “people”) for a distance of 30 feet in every direction?

Having issues not all motion is detected. Example neighbor comes home @7:17pm motion is detected, 10 minutes later their other car comes in their driveway and motion is not detected. Similar issue, last night 10:52pm neighbor comes home, motion detected, 12:20am our daughter leaves for work motion not detected, she comes back home @ 5:10am motion not detected. She has been leaving for work and coming back like that for 6 days and none of trips have been detected. Other daughter leaves at 6:20am and it is detected. We are beginning to think her vehicle is stealth :rofl:

I use one motion zone which I adjusted to fit. Yes that zone matches the area where I get alerts. My front door is about 15 feet from the street. I have the motion zone fairly close to my door so I actually don’t want it to detect people more than about 15 feet away.

How high up have you mounted your doorbell? Apparently the optimal height for motion detection is 48 inches above the ground. I thought this was quite low in comparison to a regular doorbell, but I have lowered mine and motion detection is much improved.


This is a good point about height. It makes a big difference.

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Purchased a ring 2 doorbell a few days ago. This worked lovely for the first day and a half. I have now noticed motion isn’t being detected once we start to enter the evening although it is still daylight. I changed the setting from person only mode and the motion frequency to frequently as there were still plenty of cars going past but not lots of these cars not appearing in my history. I particularly wanted this to detect in the evening and night time as I am having a problem with kids throwing eggs at my property. Today my son left for school, I left the house to take my dog out and then later left for work. The only motion the doorbell picked up on was me returning after my dog work. My husband left for work and it picked him up OK. It seems so very hit and miss. I just get a feeling that these bells are set up to work perfectly during the day but as soon as we get to between 6pm and 9am they don’t detect hardly anything. Is anyone else having this problem and if so how did you resolve it. Could this be a problem with the unit itself.

@Jsatelges Make sure the doorbell is installed at 48 inches from the ground. Turn off HDR and turn off colour night vision. Also check your motion zones/settings are set up ok.

Hi. Thank you for the info. How do I turn off HDR (not sure what it is) and turn off colour vision? Also, would having it more than 48 inches from the ground make a differnce if its working OK in the day? And if so do you know how or why it would make the difference. Sorry, just trying to understand how this works…
I am confident the motion zones and settings are all OK. I jsut can’t seem to understand why it works during the day but not as soon as we start to go into the evening.
Thank you ahain. Jane

@Jsatelges You turn off HDR and colour night vision from the device settings in the ring app. Think they are under video settings. Might not help but I find things better with them off. Yes the height can make a real difference. Ring doorbells are designed and tested to be mounted at 4ft/48 inches. If you have them higher or lower the field of view can miss motion.

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Hi. I’m having the exact same issue. Lots of footage being missed but for some reason it seems to be after 6pm. I have my bell at aprox 60 inches from the ground. Would it make much of a difference if I moved it down to the 48 inches? Thank you