Ring doorbell pro 2 issues

New ring pro 2. New wifi router from Verizon with dual bandwidth. New transformer installed by electrician. Router is approx 20-25 feet from doorbell; can’t move it closer because my internet cable is connected to the back. My ring chime pro is in between router and doorbell. Chime RSSI ranges from -40 to -46, so that’s not an issue. The issue is the doorbell will be working fine one minute (RSSI is usually around -50 to -55) and it’ll ring my in home wired doorbell chime. Then someone rings my doorbell and I only hear it on my iPhone; it doesn’t ring my in home doorbell and when I look at device health, it’s -68.
THIS IS SO ANNOYING. I’ve called cust service 4x in the last 2 weeks & finally they said they’d send a new ring pro 2. It should be delivered in a few days. Could it actually be a defective door bell?! If not, I’m thinking it must be my wifi signal but then again, everything checks out on that end. I even ran a wifi test and the numbers were normal. Someone plse offer some suggestions before I just return this thing altogether and go with another brand! Thanks :slight_smile:

My Ring Pro 2 has been working pretty good for 2 years. Today I noticed it wasnt ringing my internal doorbell either. Still get notifications through the app and the RSSI is a healthy 48. I fiddled aroung with the transformer, disconnected the power pro kit v2 but still not working. Now even though the voltage is a good 17V, the Output Power Level is 2 whereas its been Level 1 for the past two years. Like you said, frustrating. No idea whats going on.