ring doorbell overreactive and I get notifications for nothing

Ive ran the ring health and everything is OK. I’ve changed my zone to be more focused. I’ve also lowered the sensitivity to the lowest setting. Not sure what it detects. The street is 150 feet from where the device is installed. I’ve talked to a friend who has the same pro unit and he complains about the same problem. What is wrong?

Hi @gromaniuk! A setting worth trying here is the People Only Mode feature. People Only Mode is a special setting in your notifications that will set your Ring app to only alert you to motions detected that have been caused by people. While all valid motion events will still be recorded by your Ring device, People Only Mode can reduce the number of notifications you receive to only those caused by human beings. Check out our help center article for tips on using this feature. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: