Ring Doorbell opens app on Samsung Fridge, but doesnt close automatically

So, up until recently, we had no issues with our Video Doorbell Pro 2, and the integration with our Samsung Fridge (Model: RF27T5501B1 - Software: TIZEN 6.0)

However, we have recently noticed that when someone rings the doorbell, the app opens on our Samsung fridge, to show who is at the door, but the app stays open and active, and never closes.

This is a huge nuisance and presents MANY problems for us …I can’t image how other people are struggling with this draining the battery-powered doorbells.

How do we fix this so that the app closes after a short time, or if the doorbell is answered on on another device (iPhone)?

Please help!

Hi @BlairArmstrong. The Ring App on the Samsung Smart Fridge is created and maintained by the Samsung team, so you might want to check out the Samsung Community here for assistance on your concern.

My fridge does the same thing with the ring app and I noticed that it also turns on the speaker and people ringing the bell can hear you.

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