Ring doorbell on a recessed porch

I had a Ring flood,light on my old house and lvoed it. My new house has fancy exterior lighting, so i don’t want to replace any of them, which has me thnking about getting a Ring Doorbell. But the front dorr is on a recessed proch that is about 4 feet across and 3 feet deep. I’m wodnering how much of the yard the doorbell will be able to detect or if it will be limited to a 4 foot wide path straight ahead. ANyone have expereicne with thise type fo setup?

Hey @MrRobby. Could you show up a picture of what your front porch looks like, as well as a picture of where the Doorbell would “see” if you were to snap a photo? This can help us visual if the setup will work with the Doorbell! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve attached a shot of the door from the walkway and a shot taken with my phone camera covering the current doorbell.

@MrRobby Thank you so much for those pictures! That is most helpful. You should be able to make this work without a problem and with the help of a piece from the Corner Kit or two. The second picture you attached will be similar to how the view for the Doorbell will be, but should indeed capture people walking up to your Doorbell as you need. I recommend that for whatever Doorbell you get, get the Corner Kit for the Doorbell to go with it, and therefore you can install 1-2 behind the Doorbell.

Once installed, have the Corner Kit help point the Doorbell to the right to get some of the angle it may miss. You may have to be in the Live View of the device when setting up to see if you need 1 or 2. You should be able to get about 25-30 ft out of coverage, with of course the restriction of a slight delay in recording when motion is detection if the person comes up from the left or right side, instead of your walkway. Feel free to come back and share what the Live View looks like after the setup, I would love to see how it comes together! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! Are there remote options for placing a second camera out in the yard? Maybe mounted to a tree or in a planter?

@MrRobby It’s possible! You would most likely have to go with the Stick Up Cam Battery option, and then be creative with where/how you install it. Although, note that the further away a device is from your router, especially when outside of your home, it may not have a strong enough connection to stay connected and function when placed in a planter or tree. You can always try it though! I recommend purchasing from Amazon or Ring.com, as both companies will offer a 30 day money back return if it doesn’t work out for you. :slight_smile: