Ring doorbell not recording everything

I had someone in my front yard and the doorbell did not start recording but does when a car drives by. I’ve tried changing the settings to people only and no difference. Any suggestions?

Hey @Mdavies1. How do you have your Motion Zones set up? Where is the slider for your motion sensitivity? In addition, we may want to try having People Only mode off while we find the sweet spot for your motion detection. This is because occasionally when in People Only Mode, light reflection, as from an outside window or cars passing by, can activate motion detection. We recommend that if you’re getting a lot of unwanted notifications to look for reflective surfaces that may be shining light onto your device and to try turning off People Only mode.

I have a similar issue. With people approaching the front door, my doorbell starts recording sometime after there has been motion. So I don’t see them walking up just after they’re already at the door or when they’re walking away. Would love to know how to improve this.

Hi, it’s oribablg down to your motion zones and sensitivity setting. You would need to post a screen grab of the motion zones and the camera view to ge able to access what changes you could make.

I have tried to turn people only mode on and off with the same results. My motion zone is from the sidewalk up to the door and my sensitivity setting is at the highest. I still don’t get notified when someone is in my yard but do get a notification for cars driving by.