Ring doorbell not charging (NOT SOLVED!!)

I’m starting a new thread because Ring chose to mark the last in-depth discussion as Solved when this problem IS NOT SOLVED!

They forced a new firmware to these devices which stop them from charging unless you live in the tropics. Spend countless hours troubleshooting, spending more money upgrading the transformer, wiring, all which did not solve the problem. Ring now states their product will not charge in the cold and they have disabled charging to the device. Guess what? That hardwire doesn’t actually power the doorbell, it CHARGES THE BATTERY THAT CANT CHARGE BECAUSE THEY DISABLED IT.

Get your sh*t together Ring! We have already pinpointed it to when your firmware was released that caused the issue, and you have not once acknowledged a problem or tried to be of assistance.


Hey @wpgcan. This is not at all the experience we want for our neighbors, and I apologize that your experience with your Doorbell has caused this. I want to try dig a bit deeper into this with you with some investigation on how your Doorbell’s battery percentage is over time.

First thing, please check in your Device Health for your Doorbell to ensure that it is showing as Hardwired. If it’s showing as hardwired, you should be getting a general trickle charge of about ~10%, which this charge amount can vary depending on the number of events you have in any given day. Normally, this is with about 10 maximum events in a day. This can also vary depending on the level of power that is going into your Doorbell to help charge up the battery within it.

If you only seem to have those amount of events in a day, then let’s spend a day occasionally checking the percentage! This may be best by keeping a track of it in this Community thread, if that is easier, or writing it down as a note for yourself. In the morning when you wake up, check the battery percentage and see what it’s at. Then, see how it is in the afternoon, evening, and before you go to bed. Is the Doorbell’s battery percentage going up or down in this day? If it’s going up, then no need to worry, as it’s successfully charging as much as it can! If you notice it’s going down, review how many events you have. Did you have 20 events in that day you’re recording it? Your Doorbell may be using more of the battery than expected because of the increase in events.

To reach a solution sooner and without this investigation, I do strongly encourage you to reach out to our support team here. Being in contact with them over the phone will help ensure that you get a speedy resolution, as they can take a look into your event history and battery levels to see if you are having a lot of events that is reducing the battery life. Additionally, they can see what battery level you are at after every single event to see if there is only a negative decline in battery level, or if it varies or goes up at all. I recommend this so you can avoid your personal troubleshooting and save time, but I’m here to assist if you wish to do the investigation yourself! :slight_smile:


Ive had the Ring doorbell product installed for 3 years, first with the original Doorbel, and now with Doorbell 2.

Doorbell 2 has been installed for about 18 months, and up until recently has been working flawlessly. About 2 months ago I started getting low battery notifications, despite being hardwired.

I initially thought it was a problem with the hardwired power, but on checking everything, including measuring the voltage suppled on the back of the doorbell, concluded that the hardwore power is being supplied as normal.

My average number of recorded events is around 100 per day (I have motion detection set) This has never presented any previous problems, and I wouldnt expect it to having hardwired power.

I am out the country on a regular basis, and cant be removing the battery to top up the charge on a regular basis. Whats going on here???

I should also point out that have 3 other Ring Cameras installed, all on solar power, and have never had anny issue with the battery power on these, which are also all set up to record on movement.

Ive now turned off movement triggered recording on the doorbell in an attempt to improve batter charge performance, but this kind of defeats the purpose of having the doorbell installed in the first place.

Please advise.


I am/was a loyal Ring customer, as well. The first Ring doorbell lived on my front door for about 5 years, without issue, until the push button contacts started sticking. I had even purchased the backyard motion light camera and enjoyed the sense of security that it brought our family.
After numerous attempts to clean/maintain the original bell, I broke down and purchased Ring2 doorbell. Why not, right? Easy install, easy setup, low maintenance… sure. Take my money. Everything worked fine for about 4 months. Firmware update happens and, BOOM!, charging issues. I take it off, charge it up, meter the connections and test the doorbell (master electrician). All’s good, I think. Four days later, battery is at 3%. Ugh. Internet solution time, right?
So I finally find the call center number and thanks to COVID, will be trying to figure out how to get through sometime between 5AM and 6PM Central European time.
Best of luck, everyone. Stay healthy. Stay safe. I’ll post an update if I can get it fixed.


I got the same problem. Not charging and no sound when button is pressed.

only happened in the last dat or so.

Please fix

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I have the same issue I’m in California. My ring will not charge and its at 3% battery power when will this bug be fixed(Note I have the wall charger for ring doorbell). My ring has been fine for a year and then it stopped charging.

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Have they solved it??? I have the same issue


My Doorbell went completely offline, it has taken 2 days of resetting and charging to even get the doorbell to make a sound when the button is pressed.

Now it is back to working, BUT it is showing Battery not Hardwired, which it was showing for the past year.

Same issue. Bought brand new a few months ago and now doesn’t work. It’s been hard wired since inception. About to get rid of this and flood light. BS product

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ring door bell does not charge. Or at least does not show is it charged on the app. was showing 13%. Now showing 16% charge after 3 days of charging. Blue light on front flashed at 1 o clock and constant blue light at 12 o clock.

Looks like we have the same problem. Have done latest firmware update about a week ago.

Any ideas?

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If it helps in you investigation I have same problem too. Hardwired and it still says hardwired . It was charging the battery for 3 months since installed it and now suddenly does not and also live view takes ages saying phone connection weak … while phone is running 100mbps wifi network. It’s simple investigation , you have sent the update what made devices failing, could you please reverse software update or replace devices ? Thanks


I’ve have the same issue actually talked with support a few weeks ago, to reset my video doorbell after battery died, at no point did she acknowledge this issue. I charged it and a week later died again, earlier in the week I check the health status and did not see wired only battery, odd. I have 19volts at the doorbell.

Ring please refund my yrly $30 dollars and I,d like a refund on my V/DB. Did not know when I bought it that it had such a short end of life.

Can anyone recommend a better product.


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Call customer service. Get your money for the subscription that’s left. If you had the doorbell less than a year, it can be replaced. If not, you’re out of luck. They won’t give you money for your doorbell. Their are plenty of other brands doing the same thing. I’d research to see what fits you better since each has its ups and downs. Nothing is perfect.

@Chelsea_Ring, look at these replies.


Every single one of us are experiencing horrible battery charging after your update in January.

I bought this as a present for my old folks. It worked great for the first couple weeks until it took an update and the battery started to die while remaining hardwired, there is absolutely nothing we have done to do this.

Talk about mislabeled products. What ever happened to this being hardwired? I got it for this purpose specifically.

NOWHERE DOES IT STATE ON THE BOX THAT THE HARDWIRE DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UNLESS YOU LIVE IN THE TROPICS! If you live in the US or Canada, or anywhere that sees cold, this is now strictly a battery only camera doorbell, not what you paid for or was advertised as!


Also, it’s been +10 here the last few days. The moment the sun goes down, the doorbell stops charging. The sun during the day is still not enough power to charge this stupid thing. It hasn’t seen 100% charge

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I’ve spoken to support and they guide me through the reset process and that didn’t work. Also now got a new issue that doorbell says poor connection even when next to router and while show -43 rssi. Join few ring doorbell groups on facebook and you’ll see tens of thousands of people reporting same type of problems. On this problem ring support didn’t want to comment and guy said to me I will log your concern and rushed me off the chat. This is not device anyone purchased Ring team.


Ring @Chelsea_Ring

This is the worst experience that we are all incurring, and especially during a time when crime is up in our neighborhoods due to people being without a job because of the pandemic. God forbid a crime occur and we don’t have it recorded because our vendor: Ring, and technology: Ring Video Doorbell 2 failed us!

My Power Status consistently shows “very poor” and Battery Level 4% regardless of the time of day, temperature outside, or after performing all of the recommended trouble shooting steps multiple times. The app itself also continues to freeze, and I cannot access my videos (for the ones that actually record), my live view, or neighbor videos and comments because the app just freezes up constantly. The solar charger status shows connected, and there are more videos that record during the day for sure, so this must be the ONLY way it’s staying powered at all. My videos have gone almost non-existent at night, which is when all of the crime occurs unfortunately!!! What good does having this product do us if it’s failing to record ALL incidents like it advertises??!! And the advice to change the motion settings to less recordings is embarassing for Ring to even suggest as a resolution. Why would I limit recording motions that I want to detect to ensure that I capture any and every thing that occurs in front of my home? That’s why I bought the product in the first place!

With the amount of feedback from the community all having the same issues and pinpointing it to when your firmware was released that caused the issue, Ring needs to acknowledged this problem and identify a resolution and push a fix immediately. You do not want to be held accountable or show failure and poor customer service during a time when consumers can make a decision to take their business, money and loyalty elsewhere. You ensured you withdrew my annual fee a few days ago with no problem, so I would expect the same respect due back to me in rectifying this issue, and quickly, before it results in a catastrophic loss for Ring. If you choose to not rectify this issue, I will expect a $30 refund issued to me immediately.

Also, I’ve found other articles where consumers have had to call customer service multiple times and when trouble shooting would not solve the issue, a replacement product was sent to the consumer. Is this what Ring is going to suggest to do for ALL CONSUMERS experiencing this issue? Previous Issue Reported

Thank you!

Thank you everyone. Ring please provide a response of how this will be resolved. I have purchased two products with the intent of purchasing more to have a full system through ring. At this time I have ceased any further purchases and have begun researching other options (Nest) due to your non response.

We value your feedback, and we continue to share this with our teams here. As we investigate this matter, we ask that you consider the number of factors that can drain a battery. This includes:

  • Cold Weather, even if only overnight during peak low temperature.
  • Too many events per day, or frequent lengthy live views.
  • Ensuring wifi signal, or RSSI, is good and to recharge the battery to 100% each time will help your Ring device work efficiently in reference to time between charges.

If you feel that your concern is persisting and is not related to any of the variables above, please reach out to our support team for both in-depth troubleshooting and to provide our team with individual examples of your concerns.

Mine stopped charging after the update as well. It still says hardwired but I now have to take the battery out and recharge it with the usb. It worked all thru the winter and stops now.