Ring doorbell not activating with Amazon Deliveries


Ring is not recording FedEx deliveries either. These delivery companies must have figured out a way to block the camera. Ring customer service please address this issue!

I have the same problem. There are times when delivery is made and Ring stops working. You just can’t reach the camera stream for many minutes after that. The RSI value tanks, which it never does other wise. I even have a WIFI range extender installed and the WIFI signal is solid on my phone standing next to it. I am 100% convinced there is a device out there that trips/disables/overwhelms the ring doorbell camera so that it stops recording video. Interestingly, if you have snapshots enabled, the camera will take snap shots, just not the video.

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My ring door bell records everything, passing cars, passing people, deliveries that are non amazon, every amazon delivery whether it comes UPS or Amazon Prime vehicle do not activate the ring doorbell, there is something definitely wrong and it is not my device. Someone on reddit said to report it to the fcc, I am considering doing that after the weekend.

Between yesterday and today I have received two packages from Amazon and both times my Ring Doorbell 3 has not picked up the motion nor recorded the delivery man. I called Ring support and they advised me to change the motion sensitivity. However, everyone that has been by the front door, HAS BEEN RECORDED.

I’m also noticing the same thing. Installed my Ring Doorbell about a month ago and the only people that don’t set it off seem to be delivery drivers. Because I have other camera’s I was able to watch the video from today’s delivery, but my Ring doorbell detected no motion and the video was “unavailable”. The amazon driver stood at my door moving the package around looking for the scan code so there is no reason it shouldn’t have picked him up. Everybody else that comes to my house sets my doorbell motion off. something strange is going on and very frustrating since delivery drivers don’t like to ring doorbells any longer. I’ve had 10 deliveries in the last 2 weeks and not a single one was picked up by Ring and every time the video is unavailable for that short 20 to 30 seconds the person is at my door. I’ve made sure that sensitivity and motion zones cover my entire sidewalk to my house. I’ve also made sure that scheduling is turned off. Good thing for 3rd party camera systems that do their job, very disappointed in the Ring system.

I just got a ring doorbell a week ago and I’m already googling this same freaky and frustrating issue.

It catches me going out the door and picking up the packages but no sighting of delivery people. 3 different deliveries this week - 1 night, 2 days.

This is so weird!

I reported this several months ago and worked with their support but the issue still exsists with some Amazon deliveries.

@Ceelee wrote:
This sounds weird but I get a lot of Amazon deliveries including grocery delivery. More than once they will bring items to my doorstep and the ring never turns on or records. After they leave I will go on the porch to get my groceries and immediately the ring activates. This is happened more than once so now I’m starting to think that possibly Amazon delivery drivers have some sort of jammer so they are not recorded by ring doorbell‘s. There’s a thread on Reddit with some people saying the same thing but I wanted to come to the Ring community and find out if anyone has had a similar situation. It has never happened with USPS or any other people coming to the door

I worked with support on this issue to no avail. It still exsists with some Amazon deliveries. Dont if a device or the device that Amazon issues to their divers are blocking the ring door bell.

Hi, I had the same issue today… everything was recorded before and after the delivery and it looks like, in the recording, that the package appeared out of thin air. Amazon deliveries are NOT being recorded and this is not my setting.

Hi, I am experiencing the same issue. Amazon packages on my video recording seem to magically appear and it is NOT my settings. It records everything before and after the delivery person drops off the package. Can Ring support provide more info what to do here? Should we notify our ISP of potential jamming?

I just had same problem. Neither mine nor my husband’s phone detected Amazon delivery truck or person, but both of our phones detected me get packages off front porch when he left

Wow, crazy to see this isn’t just us! I have a brand new Ring 3, records literally every time a family member walks up or near from porch. But let UPS, Amazon or Fed Ex deliver and it never once has recorded them! I even get pictures from Amazon of the packages left right in front of my ring for confirmation! So driver has walked up to my front porch, placed package, taken a picture and walked back to truck and not ONCE activated the motion detector directly in from of him. Yet I go out the front door for 3 seconds to grab the package and it records and alerts on ME immediately. I call BS. Something is really off about this, especially since we have all said the same thing.

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FWIW, I don’t think there’s anything nefarious going on here. Paraphrasing Hanlon’s Razor, “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by poor construction”.

I think the problem is that the doorbells miss a lot of visits, but it often goes unnoticed. In the case of a package delivery, there is incontrovertible proof that somebody was in full view of the doorbell and no recording was made. If somebody visits, but doesn’t leave tangible evidence, you might never know that a recording failed to happen.

It would be useful to know why the recording didn’t happen, but that information is not available. Could be problems with WiFi, could be bugs in the motion detection, could be the device was spontaneously rebooting, could be a server-side issue. At certain times of the year, the morning sun hits my front door in a way that seems to interfere with the motion detection (noted because it wouldn’t catch me leaving the house to walk the dog), so maybe sensor overload is an issue. Without such information there’s no way to gauge how flaky these devices are, except by the number of instances described here of very obvious activity that goes unreported.

The bottom line is that it’s best to regard these devices as unreliable. The extent of the unreliability is unknown.

"The bottom line is that it’s best to regard these devices as unreliable. "

Then it should be represented as such by ring instead of having all their customers going through the frustration.

I think the folks who answer the phone when you call for support really are trying to do their best. If you, the customer, are patient and have the time to truly show the support rep the problem (by recreating while on the line) problems might actually get resolved. BUT - I (personally) don’t think many problems will get resolved merely with words on this forum.

I also think part of the problem is that ring has too many versions of these doorbells and I’m not sure that when changes are made by ring development that they are properly testing for regressions against their entire product line.

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So I’ve noticed this as well lately around the Indianapolis area. Even more concerning is I have a different WiFi camera in my garage, and literally all footage stops when “Amazon Key” is activated during package delivery. For a Key delivery I had today, both my Ring and garage camera stopped recording and missed the entire delivery! It’s too coincidental that my camera will pick up shadows shifting in my garage to notify me, but missed when my door opens and a person enters and exits.

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North Texas. My ring was capturing every delivery until about 3 weeks ago. I know they are there because I have a sign asking them to knock and they usually do. However, the camera no longer picks up the delivery vehicle at the end of the driveway, nor them walking up to the porch, placing the package, and then knocking. If I rush to the window, I see them drive off, which is not captured on ring either. It picks up cars passing on the street after the driver is no longer in view, just not the amazon driver coming, delivering, and leaving. I picks up leaves falling, bugs and birds flying by, just not Amazon delivery. That’s kind of fishy. It’s every single amazon delivery now.

This is concerning in many ways, especially with the porch thefts going on these days. (I keep a close eye on my deliveries since everything is now being brought to my doorstep.)

There is no problem with my wi-fi signal, either. My ring health shows all is well. It picks up cars passing on the street after the driver is no longer in view, too.

I wanted a camera to pick up activity around my house and especially my porch area. I did not anticipate that people (Amazon) might be jamming the camera. I don’t understand what purpose would be served other than the customer having no recourse if their item is stolen or delivered to a wrong address.

So, I’m on the hunt for a camera that will capture the activity I direct, and now allow selective jamming.

Any input, ring?

Mexico. Amazon (and most all deliveries) must leave packages with the guard house for us to pick up later. But I currently have Sirrius radio in the car (3 month free trial). One of the mildly annoying things is when I pass a nearby cell tower the radio goes quiet until I am past.

I wonder if that Amazon delivery vehicle isn’t so loaded up with satelite wifi gizmos to track the van and deliveries and such. Just imagine the value of that van’s contents when it leaves the warehouse ! No wonder companies such as Amazon want to send out independant drones for deliveries.

Anyway here is what I would try. There are free applications, I’m familiar with one called Insidder, which will show the wifi activity in your immediate area. It shows SSIDs, channels, signal strength etc. I would take a snapshot of my wifi world when I knew there was no Amazon vehicles in the area and another snapshot when Amazon was at my curb. Do you detect any affect on your wifi world by the Amazon vehicle ? If so, which band / channel etc ? Perhaps you can configure your router accordingly. I definately would mention it to the Amazon driver. I would even ask if I could take a peek at what all electronics he is driving around with.

Personally, I doubt it is any sort of deviousness on Amazon’s part. Just a consequence.

This has been occuring to me as well. My ring literally picks up a small hummingbird that goes by and picks up any vehicle that drives by so I found it very suspicious that a ghost was delivering my packages. Especially when I would personally watch the driver pull up, walk up my walkway and drop the package on my porch yet NOTHING on the Ring device. No van, no driver etc…

Doing a bit on an internet search this is what I found on several inquiries

"WiFi jammers can cost less than $10 and they can be used to stop your Ring Doorbell communicating wirelessly to your internet router, stopping any video capture (potentially of burglars) from being sent to Ring for you to view."

So this is very worrisome to me especially when I am relying on this piece of equipment I paid good money for.

So in researching WHY I am not getting notifications or recordings of Amazon deliveries (even though I am in my home watching them deliver a package) I have read in several blogs and stories the following information:

"WiFi jammers can cost less than $10 and they can be used to stop your Ring Doorbell communicating wirelessly to your internet router, stopping any video capture (potentially of burglars) from being sent to Ring for you to view."

This is very concerning to me not only because I WANT to be notified of a delivery so I can get it off my porch but most importantly if it is so simple to disable the recording what will prevent a criminal from doing this and WHY then have this product and the false sense of protection it is offering???

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