ring doorbell not activating comnected wired chime

I tried to connect my ring door bell to my chime system but it wouldn’t work with the chime whenever I press the button. However,when the 2 wires on the back of the bell were removed and touches it other,the bell works.
Any help?

Hi @Nicky! It certainly sounds like enough power is being supplied to ring the chime. The best next step is to check our chime kit compatibility list, to ensure you chime is compatible. As this list is specific to your Video Doorbell model, the link above is for the Doorbell Pro but you can find other chime compatibility lists in the same help center.

I recommend also ensuring that you have your chime type selected in the Ring app. From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu, select Devices, select VIdeo Doorbell, and then select Device Settings. In your device settings you will see an “In home Chime” option. This will allow you to specify what type of chime kit you are using here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: