Ring Doorbell no video and not connecting to Chime

Hi there

I have had the ring for sometime. All of a sudden I cannot go live, or can I get any video or the chime does not work… I have charged it, resetup and reconnected to wifi, done a update and I still cannot get it to work. Any other reason why it would not be working? It is a ring 2

Hey @KerryT. What is the RSSI and status of the Doorbell (online/offline) from the Device Health page? Do you see recorded events from dings or motion, or nothing in your history? What message do you see when you try to pull up the Live View?

I can see recorded messages from the 24th April, but nothing since.

When I try to connect to my internet it goes online and then everytime i go to do something it just says that is updating software…

And going live just hangs… My internet is being use alot with kids home and me working from home, but not that much that it has changed from the 24th to now…

When I just tried again. it says Steaming error…

When I look at signal strength it says RSSI-57?

@KerryT It sounds your device may be stuck in the updating phase! Could you try pressing and holding the reset button for 20 seconds, and then after a few minutes of the device rebooting, try to activate a Live View?

Ok. so when I hit the reset buttom the light on the ring goes white, and then flastes blue for a couple of seconds. and then nothing.

When I try to activate live again while still plugged in on wall it does nothing. Do I need to have where it is located on the wall while trying to go live?

I have just deleted it and reinstalled it and it still says RSSI-23.

Anything else I can do, as all I did was plug it in to recharge and it hasnt worked since

@KerryT When you are attempting to activate the Live View, is it just stuck in “Activating Device,” or do you have a screenshot of the message you see? Although, with an RSSI of -23, if the Live View will still not load after the re-setup, you may want to reach out to our support team directly here. You do not need to be at the install location, and sometimes our support representatives will even ask to see if you can bring it inside, near the router, to see if it loads that way.