Ring Doorbell no longer displays LIVE view

Live View worked fine for quite a while, but stopped for no apparent reason. I would get a screen with a spinning circle until it timed out. No video, but it would have an image from 4 seconds ago. I even tried the ‘Rapid Ring’ app-no help there. After struggling with this problem for several months (thinking it was a router/signal problem) I had the doorbell inside charging the battery and decided to check the live view. Still nothing even though it was 10 feet from the router. I did a search and found this forum. After reading some of the suggestions I disabled the VPN on my phone and VIOLA I had the live view. Hopefully it will work when I put it back outside. What I don’t get is why this works now. I have had the VPN in use longer than I have had the doorbell-It worked with it enabled before. What changed, what improvement was made that caused the problem. The World Wonders…
ps I do not have any subscription and that is why the live view is important to me

Hi, Ring has started restricting the use of VPN connection to their Cloud. Some work some don’t.

Hello All,

My ring hasn’t had a live view in months. I have perfect internet connection, device health is good. so what is the problem? Ring team if you are going to continue to tell people they need good connection what will your excuse will be after? fix the problem. I pay for the service i am not able to get. my device is in perfect condition and is charged so why is my doorbell ring still not working? i hear it click but i cant view previously recorded videos nor live view. fix the problem. My camera is 4 ft from my router. ive reset everything i was shown above and its still not working.

FINALLY a good response. My phone VPN was blocking Live View for my driveway cam only, weird. Doorbell and family room would work fine. Thanks for posting ALL the possible issues.


For what it’s worth, I’m just echoing the obvious flaw in Ring Live View.

I’ve had my Ring doorbell for going on 2 years. The Live View function has had a problem with intermittent operation from the get-go. I have a hardwired connection, my wifi and internet are great, the camera activates on motion and records videos that are uploaded and I can view. All things point to no problems with the capture, recording and upload of videos. So why no Live View?

Of course, I have reset the Ring doorbell and downloaded the latest firmware. In fact, multiple times over the past nearly 2 years. At least twice with Ring Support on the phone while doing so. They’ve most recently walked me thru the Rapid Ring app fix. Live View usually works for a bit after the reset process. No matter, eventually Live Video fails.

Live View simply stops working on all my devices: mobile phone, iPad, Echo Show, laptop. Then, suddenly, could be a day or so later, it works. Only to fail again soon after.

I’m sure they would love to shove it off on your wifi or internet, but absent those as problems, what then?

Right now my Live View is intermittently working. I got a Ring alert as I was writing this, clicked on it on my iPhone and to my surprise Live View opened and I viewed the activity on my porch. Moments later I randomly clicked on Live View and got ‘Streaming Error’.

I could go thru the reset, maybe call Ring Support - who would undoubtedly take me thru the same reset - but to what end?

Ring Doorbell just does not do Live View reliably. Period.

They certainly know there is a Live View problem from all this fanfare and they’ll be happy to refer you to Ring Support who will happily help. And, most likely, they’ll get your Live View working after a reset of some kind.

That’s no help when you’re on vacation and a neighbor calls about someone at your front door.

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Hi @Jbrian. How often do you reboot your internet router? I recommend doing this at least once a week to make sure there is no “congestion” in your network. Also, as a test, the next time you have issue with your Live View, try connecting your Doorbell to a wifi hotspot and then test your Live View. If it improves, this will let you know the problem lies within your network.

You may need to changes the ports and protocols to help mitigate the concern you are having. This Help Center article here will go over how to do this. I hope this helps!

By changing from chime to WiFi. Problem fixed. Thank you :blush:

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This is great to hear, @Iambarbara49!

Having this same live problem. Rebooted router, checked wifi, all updated, both doorbells won’t show live feed. My echo can’t see cameras either. Chime is on same wifi as doorbells.

I just purchased the ring peephole camera. Installed it yesterday. Waited for the updates. Live View has no worked at all. So what is the point of this camera? It’s also not even giving me notifications. It’s not my network. The speeds are fine. Every single other smart device in my home works perfectly fine. But the ring camera does not work.
I’ve tried connecting via wifi. Nothing. Connecting via cellular. Nothing. Tried through the ring website…again nothing. Tried the rapid ring app…again useless as it will not show live view. Useless piece of junk it seems. And the Chime that came with it…junk. It’s been “updating” for over 24 hours now. And goes offline randomly and has yet to function as it should.
Guess I’ll be packing it all up and returning to sender when I get home. What a waste of time this has been.
I’m also on the 30 day trial and yet it keeps telling me I must subscribe to save videos. Uh no…not during a trial period I shouldn’t. Useless. I should’ve known when it came via Amazon it would be a hunk of junk.

Same issue. 7 x ring door bell (stick up gen 3)…
No issues for first 6 months then all of a sudden today I cannot access live view using mobile data. I still get notifications but cannot access live view.

When I get home everything works fine when connected to home wifi. Mobile is 5G with 80gb data. Never had any problems until today. Support was useless and said because they cameras work with wifi it’s my mobile carrier problem. What a joke!