Ring Doorbell no longer displays LIVE view

Live View worked fine for quite a while, but stopped for no apparent reason. I would get a screen with a spinning circle until it timed out. No video, but it would have an image from 4 seconds ago. I even tried the ‘Rapid Ring’ app-no help there. After struggling with this problem for several months (thinking it was a router/signal problem) I had the doorbell inside charging the battery and decided to check the live view. Still nothing even though it was 10 feet from the router. I did a search and found this forum. After reading some of the suggestions I disabled the VPN on my phone and VIOLA I had the live view. Hopefully it will work when I put it back outside. What I don’t get is why this works now. I have had the VPN in use longer than I have had the doorbell-It worked with it enabled before. What changed, what improvement was made that caused the problem. The World Wonders…
ps I do not have any subscription and that is why the live view is important to me

Hi, Ring has started restricting the use of VPN connection to their Cloud. Some work some don’t.