Ring Doorbell low quality video

I just installed my Video Doorbell. The video is barely useable. When looking at a live video it will sometimes say “Poor Connection” but I have done speed tests at the location and its never been below 30Mbps down and 15Mbps up. The device health show good and the Connectivity Test says it has a healthy internet connection and “With a strong connection to the internet, this device should provide good serive in its current location.” I have also tested the quality inside next to the router and had the same low quality.

I have attached pictures showing the quality. I can barely recognize myself on the camera.

I have also attached the Device Health results.

Hi @Pearson85. We are aware of this concern happening on some Ring Video Doorbells (specifically if your’s is the v3 version of the 1st Doorbell, you will need to verify with support if you have a v3 or not), regardless of a strong network connection. What I would recommend first to rule out your device as being apart of this is to clean off the front of your lens. Once cleaned off, see if the camera is able to adjust and focus again for you. If you continue to see that the device is still out of focus, please reach out to our support team here for the proper next steps!

What was the outcome here?

I have the exact same issue with a new Doorbell 1. I’ve been sent a replacement, which is just as bad. I had a previous Doorbell 1 for the last two years, which was much sharper.