Ring Doorbell Linked with Ring Lights - No Alerts

I have my Ring Video Doorbell linked with my Ring lights that line the pathway to my door. It seems like after I linked the doorbell to the lights, I no longer get motion alerts from the doorbell/camera. If I go into the app to look at my event history from the doorbell after motion has occurred, it will just show “linked event-motion.” But no notification or alert. I have RING ALERTS, MOTION DETECTION and MOTION ALERTS all toggled on in the doorbell’s settings. Under LINKED DEVICES, it says "When Front Door detects motion, your other devices will … DO NOTHING. (The “other devices” are the lights.) This all seems correct–I don’t want the lights to turn on any time there is motion and that seems to be the only. option.

I tried to find a corresponding setting for the lights – i.e., a linked devices setting – but there is none. I have MOTION ALERTS and LIGHTS toggled off there.

All Ring app notifications are toggled ON in my phone’s settings (with sound.)

How can I get the doorbell to start notifying me when there is motion again?

Hi @JSSGV1. Would you mind sharing some screenshots showing the motions you’re seeing in the Event History as well as your Linked Devices settings? I’d like to see what you’re seeing on your end, as there shouldn’t be any linked events if your Doorbell and Smart Lights aren’t linked.