Ring Doorbell JUNK

I wanted a video feed from my front door so that I don’t have to go down three flights of stairs to get a look at what is out there. I didn’t care about storing video AT ALL. The programming of the Ring unit STOPS ME FROM SEEING LIVE VIDEO IF THE UNIT IS ACTIVATED BY SOMETHING!!! WTF is THAT all about??? All I get is “live video has ended”… that’s a programming thing which means THEY DID THIS ON PURPOSE! It’s one more ploy to get you to pay their monthly fee! What good is a video doorbell that STOPS YOU FROM SEEING ANY VIDEO??? I WASTED MY MONEY ON THIS UNIT

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Hi neighbor. You’re able to see, hear and speak to anyone at your door without a Ring Protect Plan. The Ring Protect Plans allow you to see activity on your device _ after _ it happens. Live video is always available, but we can assist with making sure your device is working to its full potential. Can you please tell me if you’re trying to check Live View using Cellular Data or WiFi? Can you also please go into the Device Health, within the Ring App and let me know your RSSI? Finally, have you downloaded and tried the Rapid Ring App available? Let me know - more than happy to help!