Ring doorbell issues. Connectivity and set up

Brand new wired ring doorbell.
Maybe 30ft from the wifi box.

Followed all instructions until the door chime and wire bridge piece. My door chime DOES NOT have “front” or “trans” screws… let alone any screws…

hooked the wires up on the ring (without messing with chime) and it powers on beeps and the blue moves around the circle but it will not connect…

any ideas?

Hi @Jcash414. What make and model is your chime kit, and which model of Doorbell do you have specifically? You can find the Doorbell model on the original packaging or on the back of the Doorbell itself. If possible, can you please provide a screenshot of what part of the setup you’re getting stuck on? That will help other neighbors and members of our team provide helpful suggestions. :slight_smile: