RING doorbell interesting network behavior

Has anyone else seen some interesting behavior on their network from the RING Doorbells?

I am seeing a fairly steady error from the RING DoorBell

ipmap_arp_api.c(1146) 341006 %% Received ARP Reply on interface VLAN- 100 with bad target IP address Sender IP is, sender MAC is 5c:f8:21:xx:yy:zz

This is on my Network router. I don’t know who is arping for this but if a network device does not have the address, it should not ARP back?

Any ideas welcome


Hi @shukin. I’m not too sure what could be causing this error but wanted to chime in to see if it helps! We do have a list of certain ports and protocols that need to be opened and adjusted if you haven’t already, which may eliminate this error. Feel free to check out our Ring Help Center Article here to see if adjusting your router settings helps with this!