Ring doorbell hardwire

Hi I have just purchased the original Ring Plug- In adaptor from the ring store to hardwire my ring doorbell original. Is the resistor still required with this power supply if I am not using it with any existing doorbell.

Hey @Bungara. We only sell a plug in adapter for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Is this what you have, or do you have the Ring Video Doorbell? Please let me know what adapter you bought, a link would help as well!


I purchased this from the ring store? It said that it’s for the ring doorbell, ring 2 and pro so I assumed it would be ok ?


@Bungara My apologizes! I assumed you were talking about the US one, which is for the Pro only. Thank you for that link, as that is the exact same plug in adapter that we have for the one we use in the US, but made to work with the Ring Video Doorbell and Doorbell 2. All you have to do is connect the wires from the Plug In Adapter to the back of the Doorbell, like in this installation video. No resistor needed and you’re all set!

Excellent… that’s good news thanks

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