Ring doorbell gen 2 not notifying phone

I have recently installed a ring doorbell 1080p 2nd gen.
All working ok and set up ok as usual apart from when the Doorbell is pressed, the doorbell sounds, the chime which ive added sounds, but nonw of my customers phone notify them.
Settings are set to ON to notify on Notification settings so Im confused.
Please help.
Thank you.

Hey @leewade007. Are you saying that you never receive a push notification on your phone for this? For any shared users that have access to this, they will also need to enable this Motion and Ding alert on their personal phone, as notifications are specific to the phone that it is on. Are you not receiving them on your’s as well? If so, please take a screenshot of the device profile page for me that shows these alerts are enabled, and let me know what phone you are running this on as well as the phone’s OS version. :slight_smile:

I have just set up a ring doorbell 3 and I’m not or my shared user getting any notification please help

Hi @Tinar. What type of phones are you using and what version of the Ring app are you on? Also, does this happen when using wifi only? Try using cellular data only to see if that allows notifications to come through. Let me know if this works.