Ring Doorbell every motion event triggers 3 to 4 rapid fire notifications to every device.

So a few weeks ago I changed my router to a better Edgerouter X and Ubiquiti Unifi Lite AP’s system to better cover my house. About this same time is when Ring put in place some changes with the way the Doorbell works and the App have notification zones and such. I cannot find out why or what might be causing it on my side. But it’s getting really annoying every time someone or something triggers the motion I get 3 to 4 rapid-fire notifications. I get them on my iPhone, iPad, watch, and laptop if I have the app open. That’s just me it also it’s all my wife’s devices and my daughters so it’s getting old. I’m really close to yanking the doorbell off my house and going with something else.

Hey @emti309. Since you have the Ring app on all of these devices, you will need to turn off Motion and Ding alerts for the devices that do not see to be alerted. You can manage your alerts in your phone’s, computer’s and iPad’s settings, as well as turn off Motion and Ding alerts from the Device Profile page for the Doorbell on the Ring app on your phone, the iPad’s app, and the computer’s app, as motion and ding alerts are automatically enabled upon downloading the app on these different profiles. I recommend having the members in the family do the same if they feel the alerts are not important to them!

Since this happens for every event. Example person walks by trips motion detection. Every device gets 3 to 4 alerts rapid fire for that motion detection. I’m not saying that the devices that have them on aren’t important. Example our phones have it since we’re not always home. Also the watches because we’re not always within reach of the phone or hear the phone. iPads have them because the have the biggest screens and are in the bedrooms usually. However turning off the alerts is not a solution unless the solution is to turn them all off and back on.