Ring Doorbell Elite No Power at all

It’s not even two years that I moved in my brand new Lennar home with Ring Doorbell Elite. It stopped working it’s saying that it has no internet connection. But there is no power to the doorbell. Before there was half a light on the circle button. I have tried the reset button to reset and that light never back on. I have checked the POE looked it was working. I even purchased POE Second Gen and it working correctly. But reading online that everyone had the same issues as well. I don’t want to spend $300 or more for this doorbell. Just makes me want to look at another door bell products.

You’ve covered some great steps here, and there should be power as long as the PoE cable is connected to Video Doorbell Elite. As you’ve received this with Lennar homes, our support team will have some great next steps for you. Please give them a call at the number listed in the article below. :slight_smile: