Ring Doorbell Elite - Issues when connecting to external Chime

Hi have bought and installed a Ring Doorbell Elite. It works great, the connection over CAT6 POE is perfect and fast over internet. I have never had an issue with it dropping out or connecting to it - it’s a grear device on it’s own.

The only issue I’m having with this device is getting it to work properly and consistently with an external doorbell.

I bought and installed a Honeywell dc315 which is on the compatibility list of devices compatible with Ring Doorbells. It is installed using a 12v 1amp power supply.

Most of the time it works great and only chimes the Honeywell DC315 once but randomly when the Ring is pressed it triggers the Honeywell DC315 to chime but it rings over and over and won’t stop ringing. The only way to fix this is to unplug the Ring from my POE switch so it forces a reboot. Once it comes back up it stops ringing and works perfectly for a while then randomly when the doorbell is again pressed it will happens again, constant ringing?

I’ve checked all the connections; all wires are wired perfectly and there is no cross over.

If I pull the wires from the back of the ring and touch them together, they chime only ring sonce as I expected.

I’ve done quite a bit of troubleshooting, like turning off the Honeywell while the issue is occuring and turning it back on however this does not fix it.

The only way fix that I found that works is rebooting the Ring Elite by unplugging it.

Thank you for your time and efforts in getting this resolved @m_bish! As you mentioned finding this DC315 chime on our compatibility list, please not that each Doorbell model has a compatibility list. Here is the Chime Compatibility List for the Doorbell Elite specifically.

Please also check the chime type setting in your Ring app as this will allow you to specify for a digital or mechanical chime kit. This setting is found in your device settings > general settings.

If this is a digital chime kit, try testing different durations or melodies to see if this might help with operation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried changing the melody but it’s now a differnt issue. Rather than a consistant chime it now randomly goes off without any warning every couple of hours, throughout the day and night. Sorry the model door chime I’m using is a Honeywell DW313 which is compatible with the Elite based on your documentation.

The digital chime works fine on it’s own with a external button but as soon as it’s connected to the Doorbell Elite I experience these issues.

It is correctly configured in the app, configured as digital doorbell to play for 1 second.

I had this wired specificlly for the Doorbell Elite, it now seems I have just waisted my time and money because it just doesn’t work.

Is it normal for the external Chime to consistantly ring when the doorbell Elite loses power? If I unplug my doorbell elite from the POE switch the Honeywell chime just constantly rings?

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Thank you for trying that out @m_bish! I also appreciate your update on the chime model. You are correct, this configuration should be resulting in the intended operation of your Doorbell Elite and chime kit.

It looks like this matter will require a more in-depth look at variables surrounding this chime kit and your Doorbell Elite. Our support team will be happy to assist further with this! Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I’m just using this post to show the steps I took to eliminate possible “variables” from my set-up and to justify that the device is actually faulty. I will reference this post when I have time to call in and wait on hold for someone to help me get the device replaced.

I basically bypassed my entire comms equipment and used the POE switch that came with the device and plugged that directly into my modem (bypassing all “variables”). This didn’t help, after a few hours the issue presented itself again – consistent ringing when the button is pressed then random rings.

I ran a continuous ping on the Elite IP from within my internal network and I noticed that the pings timeout 4 times roughly every 200 pings. The timeout is not random it seems that it works on a schedule of some sort. The ping time is always 1ms or below (time=1ms) so it’s not a slow connection or congestion on the network. I used several different network cables including the ones that came with the device but had the same result. I ran a consistent ping side by side to another device on my network and that didn’t timeout at all.
Is it normal for the device to timeout like this? I suspect this is the cause of the issue.

Also is it normal for the Elite to ring my external doorbell over and over when there is no power? I find this very strange behaviour, doesn’t seem right to me.

The external doorbell on its own behaves perfectly. It only rings when the wires are crossed. This must be some sort of mechanical issue within the Elite that is causing this and is somehow triggered by the timeouts that I have noticed

Just to be clear, the timeouts occur even when the external doorbell is not connected to the device

I also have strange behaviour from my chime on my Elite. When putting an electrical tester on it, it should read Open circuit when normal, and then closed, or continuous when the button is pressed for a specified amount of time. But it does not. The circuit never compleatley closes, and reads an impeadence, but not a closure.

Hi. Just picked up on your thread.
Just finished an Elite installation and experienced the very same issue. - Have connected a Friedland LV doorbell to the Elite module terminals. - Doorbell sounds continuously. - This connection appears to be normally closed, when I assumed they would be normally open? Any ideas?

I too started having problems with my Ring Doorbell Elite in-house door chime no longer working, approximately one year after the Elite was installed. The chime worked fine for a while, then quit. Chime on my phone app still rings but the house is dead quiet when someone pushes the Elite Doorbell button. This is not acceptable since I don’t always have my phone on, or with me, and now I have no idea when someone is ringing my doorbell.

Chime is on the Elite approved list (Hampton Bay HB-27102-03).

Basic electrical tests on both the chime and the transformer that came with the chime (as a kit) show the chime and transformer are both good. Remember, all components were working for a while.

Anyone else have this problem with the Elite?
Does the Elite need to be replaced?

I think my next step is to bypass the Elite and see if a basic doorbell push-button activates the in-house chime. If it does then it would seem to me that the Elite is where the problem lies.

I disconnected the doorbell wires from the back of the Elite and instead connected them to a standard doorbell pushbutton switch. The in-house doorbell chime then worked just fine with the standard switch.

Turns out that the round black plastic doorbell button cover on the Elite was almost cracked in half and would jam up the button, not allowing the Elite doorbell button to be pressed in all the way and ring the in-house door chime.
Unfortunately, the (cracked) plastic button cover on the Elite is not replaceable.

Ring is taking care of it. Best customer service ever. Thanks!

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I have a similar to eyeseeyou , my button is pristine on the outside and the 16v mechanical chime works when it is disconnected from ring elite and the circuit is shorted. It is an issue with the ring unit itself. Restarting does not solve my issue, very unfortunately have to install a separate switch. Have not been able to connect with customer service as it is a 45-60 min waiting time. I am Considering alternative brands

Hi, anyone solved this? I am having the same issue… just installed a Ring Elite. Everything works fine except for the mechanical chime that started non stop ringing when I connected it to the Ring Elite. All cable connections are fine…