Ring Doorbell Doesn't chime when there is motion

Hey guys, so we have a Ring Doorbell (Not sure what generation, we got it like 2 years ago) and for a while now it has stopped making that little wind chime noise when someone’s at our front door. It did it for a while after we got it, but doesn’t do it anymore. Any idea about how to fix this?
TIA! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Yams! The default chiming sound should only be heard via your mobile device, or mobile devices connected. The Video Doorbell itself does not produce a tone other than the default Ring branded ring tone, in response to button press. That being said, you are correct in that the default motion notification sound is the wind chimes.

If this sound is no longer being heard from your mobile device via a notification with silent mode disabled and the volume turned up, try checking your alert tones. To do so, start from your main Ring app dashboard > open the Menu > select Devices > select desired device (Doorbell) > select Device Settings > select Alert Settings > and finally, select the desired tone and save it.

If this does not resolve your concern, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Marley_Ring ! Thanks for the reply!
I believe our phones still chime, but we have this little thingy that plugs into our wall that would make the noise too.

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Thanks for that clarification @Yams! It sounds like your Ring Chime device might be offline, or perhaps not linked in the Ring app. No worries, it should be an easy fix!

To start, let’s ensure the Chime is plugged into a wall outlet and receiving power. Next, check your Ring app > Menu > Devices, to see if the Chime shows in your device list. Upon clicking on the Chime in your app, there will be a Device Health option to see if it is online.

If the Chime is not showing or not online, start a new setup from scratch in the Ring app, and follow the in app steps to reconnect your Chime. Whether a new setup was needed, or the Chime was online but not linked, you may then visit the Video Doorbell device page in your Ring app and select Linked Chimes to complete the linking process.

The Linked Devices option will allow you to ensure your Video Doorbell and Chime is linked for notifications. Last but not least, please visit the Audio Settings on your Chime page in the Ring app. This section will allow you to enable ring and motion alerts via your Chime, as well as select a Chime Tone to be played for the alert type. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

awesome! thanks so much! I’ll come back if that doesn’t work :slight_smile:

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